- 21 years (old)
- they/them
- Leo♌
- Likes pizza and cheese
- Does unpredictable kinds of arts occasionaly
- Lives in the void (Belarus)
- Favourite color: Absolute Zero
- Likes funni cartoons and MCYT
- Wants peace in whole world and for people to do what they love for all the good in the all the entire universe :)

All those links:

DNI if you:

- Being weird and mean to people (talk it out, solve it with diplomacy and a kind word)- Loudly hating others because you dont want to understand them or for the sake of hating- Spreading negativity and laugh at/bully someone that: incapable of/only learning doing stuff, doing smth differently than you want them to, including clothing, looks, communicating, skills and other life stuff that has nothing to do with you and/or your business- Disrespecting someone to the severe chronic levels because of a one silly/appropriate for those times thing they did wrong in past (tip: let them go, they'll be gone eventually without your assistance even if they wont change for better)